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Hydrangea Fairytrail™ Green Cascade - 1 gallon Blooming Proven Winners®

Hydrangea Fairytrail™ Green Cascade - 1 gallon Blooming Proven Winners®

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Fairytrail™ Green Cascade Hydrangea
Hydrangea x

This Hydrangea boasts graceful arching branches with big gorgeous blooms at each node, creating a stunning, fountain-like mass of flowers in late spring. Experience a unique and beautiful way to enjoy hydrangeas with the Fairytrail™ series. Fairytrail™ Green is known for its striking, lime-green flowers, making it a perfect option for containers, hanging baskets, and areas in the landscape where it can create a dramatic, cascading effect, such as atop a retaining wall.

Plant Details:  
Shrub Type:  Deciduous
Garden Height:  48"
Spacing:  48 - 60"
Spread:  48 - 60"
Flower Colors:  Green
Flower Shade:  Creamy green
Foliage Colors:  Green
Foliage Shade:  Green
Habit:  Trailing
Container Role:  Spiller
Light Requirement:  Part Shade/ Sun
Blooms On:  Old Wood
Bloom Time:  Spring
Hardiness Zones:  6a - 9b

#1-1 gallon. Blooming.

Notes:  We recommend a minimum of six hours of sun for the strongest stems and the most abundant flowers. In hot climates, afternoon shade is beneficial, but some sun is still recommended for the best results. Cascade hydrangeas bloom on old wood, so it's best to avoid pruning them, except to remove any dead wood. These hydrangeas cannot be cut back or trimmed at any time of the year without impacting the bloom for either the current season or the next. A 2-3" (5-7.6 cm) layer of shredded bark mulch helps shallow-rooted hydrangeas to conserve moisture and keep roots growing vigorously, which ensures the best performance. Fertilize in early spring, after the ground has thawed but before new growth begins, to ensure the best results. 

Allow 2 days for processing.
All organic regulations are adhered to.
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