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Heliopsis 'Summer Nights'

Heliopsis 'Summer Nights'

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Heliopsis helianthoides 'Summer Nights'
Oxeye Daisy

Ships July 18th, 2024.

This flowering perennial features bright yellow flowers, a deep brown center, and striking crimson stems and maroon leaves. It is low maintenance and adapts well to various soils, making it a great choice for both flower beds and cut flower arrangements. Its resilience to drought is an added bonus.

Plant Details:
Perennial in zone: 3 - 9
Height: 3-4'
Spread: 2-3'
Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade
Bloom time: Midsummer, Late Summer
Flower Color: Yellow-Gold Shades
Good Cut Flower: Yes
Native: Nativar
Bee-friendly: Yes
Attracts butterflies: Yes

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