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Sedum Mojave Jewels™ 'Sapphire'

Sedum Mojave Jewels™ 'Sapphire'

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Sedum Mojave Jewels™ Sapphire 

This sedum, with its dense and upright growth, boasts striking blue-purple leaves in the Spring which transform into a deep purple hue throughout the summer months. In Autumn, it produces abundant clusters of rosy pink flowers that are attractive to pollinators.

Plant Details:
Perennial in zone: 3 - 9
Height: 12-15
Spread: 18-20
Exposure: Full Sun
Bloom time: Late Summer - Early Fall
Foliage Color: Blue Shades, Purple Shades
Flower Color: Pink Shades
Good Cut Flower: Yes
Rabbit resistant: Yes
Bee-friendly: Yes
Attracts butterflies: Yes

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